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Operation Lusty – How Watson’s Whizzers brought Luftwaffe trophy birds home

Watson’s Team pose in front of a group of their Me 262s. From left to right are: First Lt. James K. Holt, Capt. Robert J. Anspach, First Lt. William V. Haynes, Col. Harold E. Watson, Capt. Kenneth E. Dahlstrom, Capt. Fred L. Hillis, First. Lts. Robert Strobell and Roy W. Brown. The Me 262 in the foreground is “Cookie VII” with “Jabo Bait” behind. (Photo courtesy of EN Archives)
The casual visitor to the National Air and Space Museum’s Steven F. Udvar-Hazy facility at Dulles Airport near Washington, DC, might be surprised to discover, hidden among such famous airplanes as “Enola Gay” and a Concorde, a number of beautifully restored German aircraft of the Second World War. These include the Ar 234 jet bomber, the Do 335 push-pull fighter, the He 219 night interceptor, and a bomb-carrying Fw 190. But does the visitor ever...


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