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Fw 190 Sturmböcke — The Luftwaffe’s “Battering Rams” against the USAAF heavy bombers

Warbird pilot extraordinaire Steve Hinton flies over the emerald green forest of Everette, Washington in “White A,” which was the sole flying Fw-190 in the world at the time of this shoot. John Dibbs was the only photographer to have been granted an air-to-air photo session with this ultra-rare fighter, which was then owned by Paul Allen and The Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum of Washington State.  This airplane and museum are now owned by philanthropist and collector Steuart Walton. (Photo by John Dibbs/
July 7, 1944, For the USAAF 8th Air Force crews, it was just another mission in the continuing bombing campaign against the industrial heartland of Nazi Germany. For the Luftwaffe fighter pilots, it was another day striving heroically against overwhelming numbers of enemy aircraft to stem a seemingly unstoppable tide of bombing raids against their homeland. Coasting out from England and crossing into the European mainland on the morning of Friday July 7, 1944, was...


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